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All About Scalp Acne

Besides the problem of dandruff another very common hair problem is the scalp acne. An equally distressing problem not many people know about scalp acnes because of lack of publicity and awareness. Unlike facial acne, scalp acne is not that common but it becomes evident when it reaches the hairline thus being not just a distress but also an embarrassment. After a certain point it becomes difficult to conceal the problem.

In case you are suffering from mild form of scalp acne problem, you can always visit the doctor and get yourself some medicine which might be effective. However the problem arises when the scalp acne problem is severe and then it needs to be treated professionally. If your scalp is itching and irritating and has developed tiny mounds all over which hurt while combing then its time to visit the dermatologist.

A consultation with the dermatologist will tell you exactly what hair care you require.

Like other kinds of acne even scalp acne can be very irritating and it can deteriorate if you are not careful about the haircare product you use. Therefore you should always seek the pharmacist’s recommendation before you decide to purchase any product for your hair. You should also try and keep your hair clean because excess oil just aggravates this problem of scalp acne.

As a highly irritating and distressing problem scalp acne reaches its height when the problem spreads to the edges of hairline and is evident to other people. It causes discomfort, frustration and humiliation. Especially not just because it itches but because it may even make you scratch your head before others. If the acne is mild like most cases then it can be treated with some medicine but if it’s severe then it calls for a visit to the doctor or dermatologist.

The irritation caused by scalp acne just increases and irritates you amidst all circumstances which is why you should consult the dermatologist before it worsens. Moreover the wrong choice of haircare products will deteriorate the scalp condition thus increasing the irritation. Therefore before the irritations increase or the scalp becomes more sensitive you should get yourself treatments prescribed by the doctors or at least recommended by pharmacists and most importantly clean your head to remove excess oil. It is also advisable to wash your hair regularly to reduce the amount of excess oil from the scalp.

Another advisable method is to go for a balanced diet with less of fatty foods. You should also try to consume less of oily food because that aggravates the problem of scalp acne. While you should consume more of healthy food, vegetables and fruits, you must see to it that whatever food you eat contains less of sugar . Regularly drinking enough water about 8-10 glasses a day can work wonders for your scalp acne and before you realize you may find them gone.

And if you can visit the dermatologist at the early stages of your scalp acne then you can not just prevent yourself from the scalp acne but also relieve yourself from further discomfort and humiliation. Also remember that a healthy scalp will result in healthy hair and most importantly a healthy you.